The Aylmer May Cemetery is situated on Lagos Road in Rhodes Park, Lusaka. The cemetery was officially opened in 1922 – named after Dr. Aylmer May, the country’s first Chief Medical Officer – and was officially closed in 1958. The cemetery and the Murray Memorial Chapel within it are Registered National Heritage Sites. Over 1000 identifiable graves are located in the cemetery.

For more information about grave numbers you can consult the Register and download a Map of the Cemetery.  The map of the cemetery is a “work in progress” and may contain some inaccuracies, it is provided for interest only.

The Cemetery is open to visitors
Tuesday to Sunday from 07.00 Hrs to 17.00 Hrs
Closed on Mondays


The Aylmer May Cemetery Restoration Trust (AMCRT) was formed in 1999 and is a Registered Trust: No 8857 and a Registered Charity (TPIN 7000000785102.)

The trust is entirely funded by donations and managed by a voluntary Board of Trustees, the task of the AMCRT is to restore and maintain the Aylmer May Cemetery in Rhodes Park, Lusaka.

AMCRT Bank details for donations by electronic bank transfer:

Bank: Standard Chartered Bank (Zambia)
Branch: Northend Branch, Cairo Road
Lusaka, Zambia

ZMW Account no: 0150422309300
US$ Account no: 8700222309300
Account Name: Aylmer May Cemetery Restoration Trust
Swift Code: SCBLZMLX

**NB: Please advise us by email: [email protected] when a donation has been made and by whom so we may confirm receipt. **

The Trust Board/Working Group is made up as follows:

Paul Golson – Chairman
Andy Griffin – Treasurer
Wendy Mouritzen – Secretary

Permanent Trustees & Board Members:

John Janes – past Treasurer
Cilla Frost-d’Elbee – past Chairlady (alternate Peter Frost)
Carrol Fleming – website
Karin Monge – landscaping
Chris Miller – Catholic Representative

Our Achievements:

Since its official inception in September 1999, the AMCRT has – with the generous assistance of many companies and individuals – completed the following tasks:

  • Clearing, identifying (wherever possible) and rehabilitating over 1000 graves.
  • Preparation of a grave-site map, register of names and digital archive.
  • Registration of the cemetery as a National Heritage Site.
  • Clean up and landscaping of the plot and surroundings.
  • Building of a concrete wall along the North and Western boundaries.
  • Erection of a security fence and gate along the Lagos Road boundary.
  • Building of 2 new toilets at the site for caretaker and staff use.
  • Establishment of a regular maintenance program with 2 permanent staff at the cemetery (sponsored by Farmers House Plc via Minerva Property Management Co.).
  • Rebuilding and restoration of the Murray Memorial Chapel.
  • Erection of the Memorial Wall and Tree of Life Mural (by Gabriel Ellison)
  • Building of a Gazebo at the cemetery to give shade and shelter to visitors.
  • Laying out of a Meditation Labyrinth – to allow visitors to take a short, spiritual pilgrimage and to animate the garden space at the cemetery.
  • Making land available on the plot for the Lechwe Trust to establish a permanent art gallery.


The cemetery is no longer permitted to bury bodies but we do have a Memorial Wall for the interment of ashes. Alternatively we do allow for cremation urns to be buried in a family member’s grave and for a memorial plaque or stone to be erected.

Please note, the Aylmer May Cemetery Restoration Trust members are happy to advise you on the purchase of memorial stones and plaques and who to contact for advice about a service but we do not perform any interments ourselves.